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The Wonders

A Film by: Avi Nesher
(Israel, 2012, 112 Minutes, Color, Hebrew,  English subtitles, Cast: Adir Miller, Ori Hizkiah, Yehuda Levi, Yuval Scharf, Efrat Gosh)

Inspired by a true story, Avi Nesher’s new film The Wonders combines genres, moods and influences – everything from film noir to Alice in Wonderland – to create a unique and compelling movie that mixes mystery, comedy, psychological thriller, political intrigue and romance.
The story focuses on Arnav, a graffiti artist and bartender, who lives near the Old City of Jerusalem. Wearing a mask, he paints walls at night and hopes that Vax, his former girlfriend who recently “found religion,” will come back to him. But when Arnav sees a mysterious stranger forced into an abandoned apartment across the way by three bearded men, he becomes involved with a hard-boiled investigator, a gorgeous mystery woman, and the conflicted, mysterious captive himself.
This captive, Rabbi Shmaya Knafo, leads a band of devoted followers who believe he is a modern prophet, has special powers and can see into the future.  Arnav, who can resist anything but temptation, finds himself fascinated by Rabbi Knafo and by the conundrums that surround him.
Rabbi Knafo may possess supernatural powers or he might just be a clever con man – either way, his handlers have turned him into a multi-million dollar “startup,” and this “startup” has come to wield great political power. But something has gone terribly wrong with this messianic movement. As dark, incriminating secrets come to light, the “startup” is undone and the handlers just might want to slaughter their cash cow and replace it with another. As fate would have it, only Arnav, the artist – the most unlikely of all unlikely heroes – can save the fallen prophet. But is Arnav up to the task?
Arnav must forgo the artist's proverbial "mask": the safety and comfort of the sidelines. He must get involved, take a chance, put himself at risk. With the trusty (perhaps un-trusty) Vax at his side, Arnav is drawn into a world where fact and fiction, reality and imagination, and truth and lies mingle freely.
As the plot twists, loyalties shift and revelations flow, and Arnav's life gradually becomes stranger than his art. Ultimately, Arnav's adventure in Knafo's wonderland might have a moral, if Arnav can only find it. 


"An unusual dramedy that offers a stylish and amusing riff on "Chinatown" by way of Alice in Wonderland. Fests and Jewish-interest events should take note of this Israeli B.O. hit". - Alissa Simon, Variety

"One of the greatest Israeli movies ever. Highly Recommended". - Walla
"The best Israeli movie of the year. A movie that will delight all those who love cinema".
- Cinemascope
"A brilliant, elegant, very original mystery". - Jerusalem Post
"Full of mystery, humor and indeed, wonder. A cinematic gem". - Maariv
"Very smart, full of surprising twists and turns. Not to be missed!!!". - Channel 1
"Funny, light hearted and very sophisticated". - Yediot Ahronot
"A Great Ride – witty and highly entertaining". - Ynet
"A great movie – clever, moving, thrilling". - Channel 10
"An extraordinary mind bender. Highly recommended". - Pnai Plus


•  TIFF 2013
•  The Philadelphia Film Festival 2013
•  Zagreb Israeli Film Festival 2013
•  Moscow JFF 2013
•  Philadelphia Israeli 2013
•  Cherry Hill Volvo JFF 2013
•  Palm Springs IFF 2014
•  East Bay JFF 2014
•  Denver JFF 2014
•  Atlanta JFF 2014
•  Jewish Cinema South, Jackson MS 2014
•  Houston Museum of Fine Arts 2014
•  National Center for Jewish Film 2014
•  Seattle JFF 2014
•  Washington JFF 2014
•  Weschester JFF 2014
•  Nice JFF 2014
•  Austin JFF 2014
•  Maine JFF 2014
•  Northern NJ JFF 2014
•  Dublin Jameson IFF 2014
•  The Avalon, DC 2014
•  Silicon Valley JFF 2014
•  Buffalo JFF 2014
•  Ottawa JCC 2014
•  National Center for Jewish Film's Annual Festival, Boston 2014
•  Evelyn Rubenstein JCC 2014
•  Winnipeg JFF 2014
•  SERET London Israeli Film Festival 2014
•  Portland JFF 2014
•  Salt Lake City JFF 2014
•  Shalom Europa Strassbourg 2014
•  Brazil Israeli Film Festival 2014
•  Caracas JFF 2014
•  Australia JFF 2014
•  Gold Coast Int'l Film Festival 2014
•  Sonoma JFF 2014
•  Embassy of Israel in Singapore 2014
•  Columbus JFF 2014
•  Baton Rouge JFF 2014
•  Sid Jacobson JCC 2014
•  Central NJ JCC 2014
•  Vienna JFF 2014
•  Los Angeles Israel Film Fesival 2014
•  Weinstein JCC 2015
•  Tikvat Israel Congregation, Washington DC 2015
•  Wesleyan University Israeli Film Festival 2015
•  Palm Beach Israeli Film Series 2015
•  North Suburban Synagogue Beth El 2015
•  Embassy of Israel in Abidjan 2015
•  Jewish Film Club Vienna 2015
•  UW Hillel, Madison WI 2015
•  Ann Arbor JCC 2015
•  BYU Internatioanl Cinema 2015
•  JW3 London 2015
•  Fort Lauderdale JFF 2015
•  Molodist IFF 2015

•  Indiana University 2019


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