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The Thin Line

Film by: Michal Bat-Adam 
(Israel, 1980, 94 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, 
Cast: Gila Almagor, Alex Peled, Liat Pansky, Aya Veirov, Avner Hizkiyahu, Svetlana Mazovetskaya, S. Grinshpan, Kina L. Hanegbi, Irit Mohr-Alter, Miri Fabian, Yitzhak Haviss, Yehudit Koren, Michal Nedivi, Shlomit Nativ, Shmuel Shaked, Ran Levi, Itay Verov)

The struggle against human depression.

The family and public reaction towards the depressed individual - is the subject of Michal Bat-Adam’s film The Thin Line.

Pola, the mother who suffers from mental illness, her husband Nadav, a professional photographer who fails to comprehend the nature of his wife’s condition, and their clever ten-year-old daughter Nilli, who understands, are the family who live on The Thin Line.

The film is a family drama which also deals with the unfathomable and often irrational problems of mental distress which can enter into the everyday lives of the modern family.
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