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The Investigation Must Go On

A Film by: Marek Rozenbaum & Haim Merin
(Israel, 2000, 97 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Moshe Ivgy, Aki Avni, Osnat Fishman, David Danino, Sharon Zelikovsky, Asi Levi)

The story involves police investigator Micha Stein and former singer Shalom Shalom. Stein is a hard working ambitious officer trying to prove himself and his abilities. He receives information that Shalom is behind a recent robbery and apprehends him for further investigation. Shalom is a proud and irrepressibly optimistic fellow, and it soon becomes apparent that this is no ordinary investigation.

The singer’s provocative personality, his line of work, his way of life, and his special relationship with his wife, all undermine the inflexible Stein. Zohar, Shalom’s wife, a strong woman at a crossroads in her marriage, captivates the investigator with her charms.

What first appeared to be a simple case grows increasingly complicated. Besides the police, there is also a pair of delinquents who are trying to get their hands on the cash. During the course of the investigation Stein discovers someone else involved in the episode and in Shalom’s life – Sylvie, a wedding photographer who is crazy about Shalom. Like everyone else, she craves the loot. So, the investigation continues and Shalom continues to provoke his interrogators.

A dead-end investigation, an intransigent main suspect, and increasing emotional pressure on the ambitious officer – how will the investigation resolve?


• Jerusalem Int’l Film Festival 2000 – Wolgin Award for Best Script
 WorldFest Houston 2001 – Best Foreign Film
 Shanghai International Film Festival 2001
 Art Festival, Bratislava
 International Film Festival of Cinema of Figueira da Foz, Portugal
 Mittelmeer-Filmfestival, Germany
 First Film Debut Koszalin, Poland
 MedFilm, Rome
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