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The Arrest
Written and Directed by: Yair Agmon
Fic. 10:24 min, 2014, HD, Color
Production: The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School - Jerusalem (JSFS)
Language: Arabic / Hebrew with English subtitles

This is a film about occupation and creation; a story deconstructing reality, telling a realistic tale about a different Middle East. In an alternative reality the Palestinian army is the occupier, and Palestinian directors make leftist and successful action films to deal with the trauma they experienced in the army. 
Tel-Aviv International Student film festival, Tel-Aviv, Israel; Haifa International Film Festival, Haifa, Israel, 2014; International Festival of Film schools Munich, Germany, 2014; Tribeca Film Festival, New York, USA, 2015; Long Short Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2015; The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, California, 2015; the 14th International Student Film & Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy (ISFVF), Beijing, China, 2015; Granada International Short film festival, Granada, Spain, 2015; 9th Annual Other Israel Film Festival, New York, USA 2015; VGIK International Student Festival, Moscow, Russia, 2015;
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