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Taxman - Restored Version

A Film by: Avi Nesher
(USA 1999, 102 min, English, Russian, Hebrew English subtitles, Cast: 
Joe Pantoliano, Elizabeth Berkley, Robert Townsend, Michael Chiklis


Joe Pantoliano (“Matrix”, “Memento”, “The Sopranos”) portrays a postmodern Don Quixote who penetrates the Brighton Beach immigrant community in
search of a master criminal.

As the taxman begins to decipher the complex billion-dollar mystery he falls
for his Russian informer’s beautiful daughter (Elizabeth Berkley, “Show Girls”) and finds out that tax and death are indeed life’s only certainties. The post-noir narrative, based on a true story that features an abundance of twists and turns, allows Pantoliano and Berkley to create extraordinarily unique and captivating characters.


“Taxman” received rave reviews when it first came out: “A cinematic gem.
Not to be missed.” (NBC Evening News), “A charmer of a mystery”
(NY Times), “Excellent film, exciting and fresh” (LA Daily News).



* Haifa IFF 2019 - Restored version


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