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Rage and Glory - Restored Version!

A Film by: Avi Nesher
(Israel, 1984, 103 min, Hebrew, English, Hebrew English subtitles, Cast:
Juliano MerHanna Azoulay-HasfariRoni PinkovichRona FriedYigal NaorTuvia Gelber).

A new digitally remastered version of Avi Nesher's masterpiece
 "Rage And Glorywhich was produced by the Israel Film Archive's Digital Lab.

Nesher's stunningly unique film language shapes anew the Zionist mythology, as it tells the story of Eddy The Butcher, an avowed
anarchist and Stern Gang hitman who is sent to Jerusalem to plot the assassination of a senior British officer. Eddy's arrival creates much tension within the already troubled cell and almost brings about its collapse, as the British counter terrorist operatives are closing in.


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