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Photo Farag

A Film by: Kobi Farag
(Israel, 2016, 77 min, Hebrew, English subtitles).
On the corner of Dizengoff and Arlozorov, in the heart of Tel Aviv, stands Farag which was once THE most glorious photo shop and which remains, in our collective memory, as the epitome of wedding and family photos.
Kobi Farag, a member of the youngest generation of the Farag family, set out to discover the family’s history. After searching in private archives he  reveals the story of ten brothers and sisters who immigrated to Israel from Bagdad in the fifties and climbed the ladder of success.  He traces their lives from the transition camp to their luxurious home and then tries to solve the riddle of the eventual painful disintegration of a family that drifted apart.

• Jerusalem IFF 2016 - Official Selection
•  Nominated for Best Documentary at the Israeli Academy Awards 2016

•  UK JFF 2017
•  Geneva JFF 2017
•  Vancouver JCC 2017

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