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Permission to Remember

A Film by: Yael Kipper Zarezky
(Israel, 2003, 58 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles)

Moshe Margalit was born in Ludmir, Ukraine. He was 9 during World War II. 

Steven Wermchok currently lives in Ludmir. He was 8 during World War II. 

Wermchok received an honour from “Yad Vashem” (the Holocaust foundation in Jerusalem), in honour of rescuing 50 Jews from Ludmir. 

At that moment Moshe Margalit’s life took a turn. He was convinced that Wermchok never saved any Jews in Ludmir. 

Moshe, along with other Holocaust survivors, wage a battle against Yad Vashem, in order to get Wermchok’s title annulled.


"Documentarian Yael Kipper Zaretzky presents a complex portrait of the collective consciousness of a nation still attempting to reconcile with its complicity in the unconscionable tragedy, and a survivor's surrogate obsession for truth and accountability (and perhaps, implicit vengeance) in its traumatic aftermath and, in the process, creates a compelling exposition on the guilt of survival and the human importance of accurate historic documentation. - Acquarello, FilmFest Journal 2005


• Haifa International Film Festival - Honorary Mention 
 Toronto Jewish Film Festival
 NY Jewish Film Festival
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