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Past Continuous

A Film by: Shahar Rozen
(Israel, 2008, 45 Minutes, Color, Hebrew/English, English subtitles)

Portrait – A Century of Israeli Art 

"We will remember them all" are the words of the Song of Camaraderie. 

Memory is the stuff that binds our identity. This chapter deals with the presence of tradition and history in art, with commemoration and oblivion, with photography as a "remembering" medium, and with art that remembers itself. 

Artists in the chapter (in an alphabetical order): Avraham Melinkoff,  Avraham Naton,  Batya Lishinski, Boaz Arad, Dalia Meiri, Gideon Gechtman, Itzhak Danziger, Meir Gal,  Meira Shemesh, Michal Heiman, Michal Rovner, Moshe Berenshtein, Moshe Kupferman, Nathan Rapaport, Raida Adon, Roee Rozen, Samuel Bak, Simcha Shirman, Sliman Mansour, Yaacov Dorchin, Yair Garbuz, Yechiel Shemi, Yohanan Simon, Yossel Bergner and others.

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