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My Champion

A Film by: Ari Davidovich
(Israel, 2010, 50 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English, English subtitles)

With his title "Israeli Boxing Champion" and a one- way ticket, Merhav Mohar takes off for the U.S.  Leaving behind anxious parents, lots of friends and more than a few fans he sets out to realize his dream of becoming the boxing champion of the world.

The documentary follows Merhav  to New York where he works out daily at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn.  His trainer, Hector Rocca, has turned out a number of world champions and has decided to bet on Merhav to be his next success.

Meanwhile, in Kfar Saba, Merhav's mother, Talila, tosses and turns every night.  While he was still in Israel Talila would attend all Merhav's fights, calling out to him from the audience and apologizing to his opponents when he knocked them out.  Now all she can do is grit her teeth and long for the day when he hangs up his gloves. She is always torn between wanting to be supportive of her beloved son's dream and the unending worry concerning the danger which accompanies his chosen profession

After a major triumph in a match in Las Vegas Merhav gets to the most important fight of his career - his first fight for the world championship.  He steps into the ring wrapped in an Israeli flag.

The match, however, becomes an unexpected and painful turning point in his life.


• "For deep understanding of the documentary form, for a description of a real character whom one can identify easily, for a drama build up and high level of direction and editing". - Jurors Statement, Jewish Eye Film Festival


• Jewish Eye Film Festival –  Won a Special Mention  
• Berlin Jewish Film Festival (May 2011)
• Washington Jewish Film Festival (December 2011)
• All Sports LA Film Festival (July, 2010)  
• Channel 2, Israel
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