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Written and Directed by: Aleeza Chanowitz

Fic.,12.00 min., 2015,  Full HD, Color

Production: The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School - Jerusalem (JSFS)

Language: Hebrew and English with English subtitles

Mushkie and Sari are roommates - new immigrants to Israel, religious, and best friends. When Mushkie experiences an embarrassing medical problem, she must open up to Sari about the double life she has been leading, which tests the limits of their friendship.

  • Berlinale International Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2016; Montreal Israeli Film Festival, Canada, 2016; Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2016; Kyiv International Short Film Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2016; The International Student Film Festival Tel Aviv, Israel, 2016;  Palm Springs International ShortFest and Film Market, California, USA, 2016; The Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel 2016; Carrousel International Film Festival, Quebec, Canada, 2016; KUKI - 9th International Short Film Festival for Children & Youth Berlin, Germany, 2016; International Festival of Film schools Munich, Germany, 2016; Long Short Film Festival, Tel  Aviv, Israel, 2017;
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