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A Film by: Michal Bat-Adam 
(Israel, 1979, 90 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Michal Bat-Adam, Brigitte Catillon, Assi Dayan, Avi Pnini, Dahn Ben Amotz, Eliram Dekel, Ariella Rabinovich)

Two young women – Ann, French and Yola, Israeli - meet on the train from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. It‘s as if they‘ve always known one another. Kindred spirits, they live five marvellous days - an intense and tempestuous relationship - in the old city of Jerusalem.

The arrival of Avi, Yola‘s boyfriend, pulls them apart. Five years later - both have married but neither has forgotten their passionate friendship, nourished by aconstant exchange of letters - Ann and Yola meet again and try to recreate the magic of their first encounter.

•  Braunschweig IFF 2015

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