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A Film by: Michal Bat Adam
(Israel, 2009, 89 Minutes, Color, DVD, Hebrew, English Subtitles)

A struggling young actress lands the leading role in a theater production. She is to play the part of a girl who undergoes a traumatic experience and is committed to a mental hospital. The actress, seeking to research her character in depth, spends some time observing in a psychiatric ward. As a result she brings to the role aspects that don't jibe with the director's take on the part - creating conflict between herself and the director. 
By the evening of the play's premiere, the actress is walking a thin line between acting and madness.


•  The Boston Jewish Film Festival - opening film
•  Houston International Film Festival
•  Israel Film Festival - Los Angeles
•  The Israeli Film Festival in Hong Kong
•  East Bay JFF (Contra Costa JFF)
•  Calgary JFF
•  Palm Beach JFF 
•  Atlanta JFF
•  Denver JFF
•  Maine JFF 
•  Austin JFF
•  Zagreb JFF
•  St. Louis JFF
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