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Lasy Journey into Silence

A Film by: Shosh Shlam 
(Israel, 2001, 52 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles)

The wall of silence still remains for some Holocaust survivors. 

The elderly men and women in this film were hospitalized in Israeli mental institutions for over thirty years. They do not remember the Holocaust – they live it. Inner time rule their life. In 1998, they were relocated to a hostel, the first of it's kind for Holocaust survivors in the world. 

The film has won many awards in Film Festivals around the world and had a powerful impact on viewers, many of whom learned for the first time about the existence and fate of these survivors in their midst.


 Channel 1, Israel 
 Moondance International Film Festival - won the Columbine Award for  Best Documentary 
 Yorkton International Short Film and Video Festival, Canada - was nominated for the Golden Sheaf Award                
 Haifa International Film Festival, Israel - Haifa Film Award for Best Documentary Honorable Mention 
 Lublin Film Festival - first award for Best Documentary
 Columbus International Film and Video Festival  - was selected for the Honorable Mention         
 Singapore International Film Festival
 Cracow International Film Festival, Poland
 Cork International Film Festival, Ireland
 Boston Jewish Film Festival
 London Jewish Film Festival
 Zagreb Jewish Film Festival
 Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival, Israel 
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