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Hummus for Two

A Film by: Eyal Halfon
(Israel, 1997, 30 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, Arabic, English subtitles)

With all their disagreements, one of the few things Israelis and Palestinians see eye to eye on is their love for humus. A creamy paste made of chickpeas, it is a national culinary favorite.

"Humus for Two” sets out on a voyage between the two parts Jerusalem – the undeniable capital of humus in the region (with all due respect to Acre and Rammallah). A city that is officially  unified, but that bears too many scars, pains and disputes which prevent even eating a nice ball of humus on 'the other side'.   

The two parts of Jerusalem are presented here from a refreshing perspective. It is amusing, fascinating and certainly more delicious than your usual oppositional perspective.

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