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How Are Things at Home

A Film by: Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz
(Israel, 2008, 45 Minutes, Color, Hebrew/English, English subtitles)

Portrait – A Century of Israeli Art 

More than any other concept, the idea of “home” goes well beyond its physical meaning and location. It is a symbol of homeland and family, of security and belonging. 

This chapter examines the subject of home in Israeli art - a subject that is both a concrete image and a symbol of the constant search for identity and self-definition. 

Artists in the chapter (in an alphabetical order): Ahlam Shibli,  Alona Freidberg, Avital Geva, Avraham Suskin, Boris Shatz, Gal Weinstein, Jack Jano, Judith Levine, Limor Ornstein,  Naftali Bezem, Orit Adar-Bechar, Philip Rentzer, Reuven Rubin, Ruti Nemet,  Sharon Paz, Tamar Getter, Zivi Geva and others.
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