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Heaven in Auschwitz

A Film by: Aaron and Esther Cohen
(Chile, Mexico, Czech Republic, Israel, USA, 2016, 74 min, English subtitles.

A documentary film that tells the fascinating and incredible story of 13 Jewish survivors of the Holocaust who were living in Czechoslovakia during the Second World War. These men and women, who back then were children, found a legendary Jewish-German character named Freddy Hirsch, who changed their lives forever. 
On one hand, the work describes the terrible living conditions in Terezin Ghetto and on the other hand, the approach to culture and art behind the walls of the concentration camp. Up to this moment, the story of Terezin is well known but towards the end of 1943 there is an unexpected turn of events when these children are deported, together with their families, to the extermination camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau. And there, in the middle of hell, they lived in Heaven.


 Toronto JFF 2017
 Australia JIFF 2017
• Chicago JFF 2018
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