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He Walked through the Fields

A Film by: Yosef Milo
(Israel, 1967, 96 Minutes, Hebrew, English subtitles, cast: Assi Dayan, Iris Yotvat, Hana Eden)

The year is 1946.  When Uri (Assi Dayan) returns home to his Kibbutz after 2 years at college, he finds his father has joined the British army and his mother is with another man. 

Then he meets Mika - a young Holocaust refugee- and falls in love. With Israel on the verge of statehood he is drafted to the independent armed forces (the "Palmach") little knowing that Mika is pregnant...

 "He Walked Through Fields" paints a larger-than-life portrait of the new generation of native Israelis, the heroic "Sabra."

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