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Next Stop/ Israel 2017

A Film by: Einat Gaulan

Portrait of my Family in my 13th Year/ Israel 2017

A Film by: Omri Dekel-Kadosh

Shabbos Kallah/ Israel 2017

A Film by: Aleeza Chanowitz

Meaningful Job/ Israel 2017

A Film by: Shira Florentin

Torch/ Israel 2017

A Film by: Or Ben David

The Inner Side/ Israel 2017

A Film by: Danel Elpeleg

Late in my Life/ Israel 2017

A Film by: Ligal Mor

Cracks/ Israel 2017

A Film by: Prague Benbenisty

Vivid Ruthie/ Israel 2017

A Film by: Gal Rosenbluth

Deserter/ Israel 2017

A Film by: Prague Benbenisty

The Rabbi/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Uriya Hertz

Moment to Moment/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Tal Ninyo

Lucid/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Odeya Rosenak

212/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Boaz Frankel

On The Six Day/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Amichai Chasson

Pulse/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Eyal Tzadik

The Last Poet/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Dina Zilberg

Out of Reach/ Israel 2015

A Film by: Efrat Rasner

Blessed/ Israel 2015

A Film by: Prague Benbenisty

Anna/ Israel 2015

A Film by: Or Sinai
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