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Family Picture

A Film by: Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz
(Israel, 2008, 45 Minutes, Color, Hebrew/English, English subtitles)

Portrait – A Century of Israeli Art 

Family functions not only as the guardian of social-cultural tradition and for the perpetuation of the human species. Iit also represents security, longing, intimacy and roots, and at times also misery and hardship, as it binds past and future. 

The chapter progresses along two main axes: thehe first shows artists dealing with the subject of family in their work and reflecting personal stories and social-cultural contexts derivative of the period; the second depicts the family of Israeli art – mapping the latent connections and manifest influences, mutual inspiration and internal dialog between artists. 

Artists in the chapter (in an alphabetical order): Aharon Giladi, Asad Azi, Aviva Uri, Avraham Ofek, Boaz Tal, Efrat Daniel, Guy Ben-Ner, Larry Abramson, Meir Pichhadze, Naftali Bezem, Nurit David, Philip Rantzer, Uri Katzenstein, Vardi Kahana, Yohanan Simon and others. 
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