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Hate/Israel 2014

A Film by: Nadav Eyal

The Last Nazi Hunter/Israel 2013

A Film by: Nitza Gonen

Border Living/Israel 2014

A Film by: Ronit Ifergan

Waiting/Israel 2009

A Film by: Michal Kesten-Keidar

The Story of Poogy/Israel-USA 2013

A Film by: Ofer Naim

Ladies First/Israel 2013

A Film by: Riki Shelach

The Ceremony/Israel 2013

A Film by: Avi Weissblei & Eliran Knoller

State Behind the Scenes/Israel 2010

A Film by: Avi Weissblei

The 11th Day: Survivors of Munich '72/Germany 2012

A Film by: Emanuel Rotstein

The Champagne Spy/Israel 2007

A Film by: Nadav Schirman

I Wish You Would Die/Israel 2012

A Film by: Amalia Margolin

Gilad's Liberation Army/Israel 2011

A Film by: Ofra Gat-Yellin

A Story about a Different Child/Israel 2012

A Film by: Micha Livne

Family Chemistry/Israel 2012

A Film by: Eyal Halfon

EuroFlash/Israel 2012

A Film by: Roi Evron & Daniela Aizenman

Poli's Final Sketch/Israel 2012

A Film by: Ofer Naim

Betrayed/Israel 2012

A Film by: Roni Aboulafia

My Champion/Israel 2010

A Film by: Ari Davidovich

The Lost Love Diaries/Israel 2011

A Film by: Yasmine Novak

Viva Espania/Israel 2011

A Film by: Ofer Naim
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