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A Film by: Joseph Cedar
(Israel, 2004, 95 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Michaela Eshet, Hani Furstenberg, Moshe Ivgy, Maya Maron, Assi Dayan,Oshri Cohen)

The year is 1981. Rachel Gerlic, a 42 year-old widow and mother of two beautiful teenage daughters, Esti and TamiI, wants to join the founding group of a new religious settlement on the West Bank. 

The problem is that the acceptance committee won’t accept her unless she remarries and proves that she and her daughters can meet the group’s religious and ideological standards. When Tami, her youngest daughter, is accused of seducing some boys from her youth movement, Rachel is forced to weigh her alliances. 

Only Yossi, a 50 year-old bachelor and the new man in Rachel’s life, can show Rachel that living as an outcast is not as bad as it seems.

Campfire is a story of one woman’s personal battle for acceptance, but also a portrait of a political movement that affects millions of lives in the Middle East.


• Winner of 5 Awards of the Israeli Academy 
 Berlin International Film Festival - Don Quixote Award (Special Mention)
 Chicago International Film Festival - FIPRESCI Award

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