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Bye-Bye Love

A Film by: Ayelet Dekel
(Israel, 2006, 83 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English Subtitles, Cast: Liat Glick, Avital Dicker, Shiri Heller, Eden Harel, Natali Atiya)

Sophie, a video-artist, decides to dedicate her new project to the moment when love died. In order to cast her new work she publishes an ad in the newspaper seeking 25 to 35 year-old women, divorcees and mothers,
 She chooses seven women from among all those who responded to her ad.  All of them are mothers who have separated from their children's fathers.  She then invites them to an elegant dinner, inspired by the Red Table of Sophie Calle (a well-know French artist), where the women participate in a video performance in which the issue of the death of love and the disintegration of the nuclear family are explored. Terms such as happiness, loneliness, belonging and couple-life are used as seven heart-breaking personal stories unfold.
 Seven actresses were chosen for the film.  These are beautiful, strong, talented women who had indeed surrendered their own dreams of preserving the family framework and had opted for a new life. The blurred distinction between the authentic and the acted, the personal and the universal, is an important element in "Bye -Bye Love" arousing a sense of identification.

For the filming, a huge red table was designed on which plenty of wine and variousdelicious dishes are served – all in shades of red.  We surrounded the table with 'dolly' tracks and three cameras incessantly documented what happened that night. These are the results.


• Vancouver Jewish Film Festival 2008
• Jerusalem Film Festival 2006
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