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Big Eyes

A Film by: Uri Zohar
(Israel, 1974, 75 Minutes, Black & white, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Arik Einstein, Sima Eliyahu, Uri Zohar, Talia Shapira, Elia Zohar)

This film is about a basketball coach called Benny  who is used to manipulating his players, his friends, his wife and his mistresses when suddenly, everything starts to fall apart for him. 

The film focuses on a few days in Benny's life. As the film progresses and it seems as though his luck has run out, Benny behaves more and more pathetically until the end of the film where you almost feel sorry for him. 

Although this low budget movie has elements that are somewhat dated, Uri Zohar gives one of the best performances of his career both as an actor and as a director.


• Forum des Images, Paris
 Israelian Films in Aix provence, France
• Florence JFF 2014

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