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Adam Resurrected

A Film by: Paul Schrader
(Israel/Germay/USA, 2008, 106 Minutes, Color, English,  English subtitles, Cast: Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe, Ayelet Zurer, Dror Keren, Idan Alterman)
Adam Resurrected follows former Berlin magician and circus impresario Adam Stein (Jeff Goldblum), an enthralling, enigmatic patient at a remote Israeli rehabilitation outpost for Holocaust survivors.

Entertainer, clairvoyant, sophisticate and lothario, Stein veers from brilliance to eroticism, horror and madness, with flashbacks to the physical and psychological demoralization he endured under Commandant Klein (Willem Dafoe) in the Stellring death camp.

Stein appears to have everyone stymied and overawed, but an unusual new patient seems to have the magnetic power to break him free of the grip of his relentless torment.
The film recently had its European festival premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival and has received stellar reviews.


"LIKE NOTHING YOU HAVE SEEN BEFORE OR LIKELY WILL AGAIN. A truly astonishing achievement." - Kim Voynar, AOL Cinematical

"A FEARLESS FILM. Jeff Goldblum is nothing short of dazzling." - Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

"FOUR STARS (Highest Rating)! Riveting and intelligent filmmaking of the highest order." - Jeff Craig, Sixty Second Preview


• Toronto Int'l Film Festival - Sept 2008
 Berlin International Film Festival
 Telluride Int'l Film Festival - Aug 2008
 Mill Valley Film Festival - Oct 2008
 AFI Fest LA - Oct 2008
 St. Louis Int'l Film Festival - Nov 2008
 Palm Springs Int'l Film Festival - Jan 2009
 AFI Fest Dallas - Mar 2009
 Israeli Consulate in NYC - April 2009
 Cooperative Theatres, WV - 2009
 Moscow Israeli - Jun 2009
 Staten Island JCC 
 Silicone Valley Jewish Film Festival - Nov 2009
 Stamford JCC 
 Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival - Nov 2009
 Australia Jewish Film Festival - Nov 2009
 Athens Jewish Film Festival - Feb 2010
 UK Jewish Film Festival - Feb 2010
 Austin Jewish Film Festival - Apr 2010
 Grand Rapids Jewish Film Festival - May 2010
 Geneva Jewish Film Festival
 Adat Shalom, Bethesda MD
 Dublin Israeli Film Festival 2013

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