General Information

Established in 2007 to bring Israeli filmmakers closer to interested audiences worldwide, IsraeliFilms introduces a new tool for educators and programmers in Jewish communities, colleges, universities, organizations - anyone who has an interest in bringing Israel to their screen, class or community. 

IsraeliFilms focuses on promoting films by Israelis - about Israel and Jewish heritage  - and exclusively represents some of the best and most recent Israeli productions in a selection of genres.  IsraeliFilms provide an easy, comprehensive, and legal way to purchase rights for public screenings to hundreds of exciting dramatic features, as well as thought provoking documentaries.

To Programmers and Educators

IsraeliFilms intends to be the number 1 stop for programmers and educators interested in Israel – our history, culture, and heritage.

Looking for the best and most recent titles to schedule? We have them. Thinking of founding an Israeli Film Festival in your federation or congregation? We can help. Looking to enrich Holocaust Memorial Day, Israel Independence Day, Rabin's Memorial Day? We have a vast variety of films to help you create a powerful and emotional event. Wishing to bring some Israeli humor to your screen? We have some of the funniest comedies of all times, both new and classics. 
You no longer need a large cinema, 35mm projector, or even a professional Beta player to present a film in your community. All that is needed is a DVD player, a projector, and of course legally licensed rights for a film that is perfect for your needs.
Israeli filmmakers are producing excellent films in a variety of genres,  winning international prizes, offering fresh perspectives of Israel today. Many of the Israeli filmmakers are certain that there is vast interest for their work worldwide, but are not yet certain of how to reach this potential audience.
IsraeliFilms intends to bridge this gap fully, with the most advanced and convenient tools. Our target is to cater to Jewish programmers and educators with  minimum cost and  maximum effectiveness.
On our website, you'll find hundreds of Israeli film titles, dramatic features and documentaries, sorted by categories. Read the synopses, view each title's festival and screening list. Trailers are available for on-line screening , and in addition  you'll be able to purchase the legal rights for either public or educational screenings in your community. You can fill a shopping cart with as many titles as you require and an "Israeli Film Festival in a box" will be on it's way to you in your selected screening format.