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Over the Ocean/Israel 1991

A Film by: Yankul Goldwasser

Passover Fever/Israel 1994

A Film by: Shemi Zarhin

What Now?/Israel 1999

A Film by: David Noy

Bye-Bye Love/Israel 2006

A Film by: Ayelet Dekel

The Barbecue People/Israel 2003

A Film by: David Ofek & Yossi Madmoni

Wisdom of the Pretzel/Israel 2002

A Film by: Ilan Haytner

Giraffes/Israel 2001

A Film by: Itshak Grad

Jewish Vendetta/Israel 1997

A Film by: Alexander Shabatayev

Operation Grandma/Israel 1999

A Film by: Dror Shaul

Can't Stop the Tears/Israel 1996

A Film by: Eitan Green

Max & Morris/Israel 1994

A Film by: Yankul Goldwasser

The Flying Camel/Israel 1994

A Film by: Rami Na'aman

The Battle for the Chairmanship/Israel 1986

A Film by: Avi Cohen

The Hit/Israel 1979

A Film by: Assi Dayan

King for a Day/Israel 1980

A Film by: Assi Dayan

Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer/Israel 1976

A Film by: Assi Dayan

Big Shots/Israel 1982

A Film by: Yankul Goldwasser

The Troupe/Israel 1979

A Film by: Avi Nesher

Peeping Toms/Israel 1972

A Film by: Uri Zohar

Kuni Lemel in Tel-Aviv/Israel 1977

A Film by: Joel Silberg
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