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10 Days in Gaza/Israel 2005

A Film by: Dov Gil-Har

Sleeping w/the Enemy+Behind Enemy Lines/Isr. 00-04

A Film by: Dov Gil-Har

Hummus for Two/Israel 1997

A Film by: Eyal Halfon

Etz o Palestine/Israel 1962

A Film by: Nathan Axelrod, Yoel Zilberg & Uri Zohar

Yitzhak Rabin: A Biography/Israel 2004

A Film by: Ben Shani

A Film by: 

Heaven in Auschwitz, 2016

A Film by: Aaron and Esther Cohen

Israel/ 2014

A Film by: Giora Kariv & Uri Ackerman

Israel/ 2015

A Film by: Natalie Assouline Terebilo

Cast Offs/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Vered Yeruham & Oren Reich

A Heartbeat Away/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Tal Barda and Noam Pinchas
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