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It's Not Me It's My Sister/Israel 2008

A Film by: Sharon Elovic

The "Shakshuka" System/Israel 2008

A Film by: Miki Rosenthal

The Cemetery Club/Israel 2006

A Film by: Tali Shemesh

Souvenirs/Israel 2006

A Film by: Shahar Cohen & Halil Efrat

Knowledge is the Beginning/Germany 2006

A Film by: Paul Smaczny

The Land of the Settlers/Israel 2005

A Film by: Chaim Yavin

The Woman from the Bubble/Israel 2007

A Film by: Netta Loevy

18 Kilos of Love/USA 2005

A Film by: Dani Menkin

Sharon/Israel 2007

A Film by: Dror Moreh

Two Rembrandts in the Garden/Germany-Poland 2009

A Film by: Jerzy Sladkowski

Song of Life/Israel 2006

A Film by: Yosi Leon & Ran Brener

Out of the Forest/Israel 2004

A Film by: Limor Pinhasov & Yaron Kaftori

Permission to Remember/Israel 2003

A Film by: Yael Kipper Zarezky

The Children of Teheran/Israel 2007

A Film by: Yehuda Kaveh, David Tour & Dalia Guttman

Last Journey into Silence/Israel 2001

A Film by: Shosh Shlam

The Bunker/Israel 2002

A Film by: Nitza Gonen

Daddy Come to the Fair/Israel 1996

A Film by: Nitza Gonen

Ponar/Israel 2002

A Film by: Racheli Schwartz

Snapshots/Israel 2008

A Film by: Dov Gil-Har & Uri Rozen

Shalom, Jordan/Israel 2005

A Film by: Dov Gil-Har
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