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The 5 Houses of Lea Goldberg/Israel 2011

A Film by: Yair Qedar

Teacher Irena/Israel 2010

A Film by: Itamar Chen

King Lati the First/Israel 2008

A Film by: Uri Bar-On

Skate of Mind/Israel 2010

A Film by: Karin Kainer

Missing Father/Israel 2009

A Film by: Yair Elazar

I'm Not Filipina/Israel 2010

A Film by: Anat Tel

From Tel-Aviv/Israel 2009

A Film by: Naruna Kaplan de Macedo

Diplomat/Israel 2009

A Film by: Dana Goren

Yes, Miss Commander!/Israel 2009

A Film by: Dan Setton & Itzik Lerner

Filmed by Yitzhak/Israel 2009

A Film by: Limor Pinhasov

The Games They Play/Israel 2010

A Film by: Ram Loevy, Ibtisam Mara'ana, Duki Dror & Yoav Shamir

Born to Fly/Israel 2009

A Film by: Uri Borreda

Gilad Shalit, 2 Years in Captivity/Israel 2008

A Film by: Irit Gal

Tel-Aviv Jaffa/Israel 2009

A Film by: Anat Zeltser & Modi Bar-On

Achziv, A Place for Love/Israel 2009

A Film by: Etty Wieseltier

Voice of Jerusalem/Israel 2009

A Film by: Ofer Naim

A Refusenik's Mother/Israel 2008

A Film by: Ori Ben-Dov & Marit Moran-Zameret

Degania/Israel 2008

A Film by: Itzhak Rubin

The Pioneers/Israel 2008

A Film by: Sigalit Banai

Lost in Tel-Aviv/Israel 2008

A Film by: Guy & Netta Dimet
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