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Julia Mia/Israel 2007

A Film by: Yuval Granot

Wild Dogs/Israel 2007

A Film by: Arnon Zadok

Bittersweet/Israel 2007

A Film by: Doron Benvenisti

A Dangerous Dance/Israel 2007

A Film by: Menahem Golan

Nymphs in the Mist/Israel 2007

A Film by: Yoram Sachs

Love & Dance/Israel 2006

A Film by: Eitan Anner

The Belly Dancer/Israel 2006

A Film by: Marek Rozenbaum

The Last Suspect/Israel 2006

A Film by: Matti Harari & Arik Lubetzky

The Shelter/Israel 2007

A Film by: Roy Hornshtein

She's Got It/Israel 2006

A Film by: Yankul Goldwasser

Honor/Israel 2009

A Film by: Haim Bouzaglo

Atash/Israel 2004

A Film by: Tawfik Abu Wael

Black Jack/Israel 2005

A Film by: Matti Harari & Arik Lubetzky

Metallic Blues/Israel-Canada-Germany 2004

A Film by: Dan Verete

Joy/Israel 2005

A Film by: Julie Shles

Avanim (Stones)/Israel-France 2004

A Film by: Raphael Nadjari

Out of Sight/Israel 2005

A Film by: Daniel Syrkin

Campfire/Israel 2004

A Film by: Joseph Cedar

Year Zero/Israel 2004

A Film by: Joseph Pitchhadze

The Return from India/Israel 2002

A Film by: Menahem Golan
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