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The Debt/Israel 2007

A Film by: Assaf Bernstein

Lost Islands/Israel 2008

A Film by: Reshef Levy

The Bubble/Israel 2006

A Film by: Eytan Fox

Turn Left at the End of the World/Israel 2004

A Film by: Avi Nesher

We Are Not Alone/Israel 2011

A Film by: Lior Har Lev

Infiltration/Israel 2010

A Film by: Dover Kosashvili

The Dealers/Israel 2012

A Film by: Oded Davidoff

Not in Tel-Aviv/Israel 2012

A Film by: Nony Geffen

Alice/Israel 2012

A Film by: Dana Goldberg

Little Simico's Big Fantasy/Israel 2011

A Film by: Arik Lubetzky

Cats on a Pedal Boat/Israel 2011

A Film by: Yuval Mendelson & Nadav Hollander

Obsession/Israel 2011

A Film by: Nissim Notrika

Blank Bullet/Israel 2010

A Film by: Haim Bouzaglo

Je T'Aime, I Love You Terminal/Israel 2010

A Film by: Dani Menkin

Rabies/Israel 2010

A Film by: Navot Papushado & Aharon Keshales

A Matter of Size/Israel 2009

A Film by: Sharon Maymon & Erez Tadmor

Weekend in the Galilee/Israel 2007

A Film by: Moshe Mizrahi

There Were Nights/Israel 2010

A Film by: Ron Ninio

Kirot/Israel-France-USA 2009

A Film by: Danny Lerner

2048/Israel 2010

A Film by: Yaron Kaftori
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