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The Summer Of Aviya

A Film by: Eli Cohen
(Israel, 1988, 95 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Kaipo Cohen, Dina Avrech, Rami Baruch, Gila Almagor, Ariella Rabinovitch )

It is summertime, 1951, in an Israeli town where European immigrants continue to settle after World War II.

Still scarred and raw from the Holocaust, they are often misunderstood and ridiculed by native Israelis.

Aviya is a bright ten-year-old girl whose fiercely independent mother, Henya is traumatized by her own experiences as a Partisan during the war. Their affectionate, fragile and deeply poignant relationship is told through Aviya, who hopes for stability with her mother while still having fantasies of a father she refuses to believe is dead.

An exquisite and courageous memoir providing profound insights into Israeli society. Based on the autobiographical book THE SUMMER OF AVIYA by Gila Almagor. 


•  BERLIN (1989),  THE  SILVER  BEAR - For poignant film with two stunning
   performances by Kaipo Cohen and Gila Almagor
•  ITALY (1989), SAN REMO FESTIVAL - For Best Foreign Quality Film
•  SPAIN (1989), THE GOLDEN SPIKE - Espiga De Oro - Valladolid Film Festival
•  ISRAEL (1989), THE SILVER MENORAH AWARD - For Best  Director (Eli Cohen),
•  Best Actress (Gila Almagor)
•  YUGOSLAVIYA (1990), GRAND PRIX UNICEFA - for the Best Film
•  JCC Manhattan
•  Nancy Israeli Film Festival
•  Brown University
•  Forum des Images, Paris
•  Danish Film Institute 2014
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