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The Return from India

A Film by: Menahem Golan
(Israel, 2002, 96 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Aki Avni, Assi Dayan, Riki Gal, Dana Parnas, Orli Perl)

For the young Israeli doctor Benji Rubin, the trip to India with the hospital administrator and his wife could be just the opportunity he needs to further his career as an aspiring staff surgeon. 

Yet when he returns from this trip, which proves momentous, he conceals deep within his heart a burning impossible love that shatters his entire existence. 

In the beginning the young doctor seems to be in love, not with a woman of flesh and blood, but rather with the idea of that love, heightened by the intoxicating fragrance and disturbing sensuality of India. Before him awaits an arduous journey across the geography of emotions and passions that seem to escape any reasonable attempt at understanding. 

The Return From India is based on the novel by A.B. Yehoshua, a master at capturing the existence of an individual with all  its torment and weaknesses, the colour of an entire epoch and the struggle of a society searching for its equilibrium. As Rubin leaves the material world for a spiritual quest in a Buddhist monastery renouncing the world and his impossible love, a young woman gives birth to his child in Israel beckoning him to a new life and the offer to share his immense love, not in turmoil and anguish, but in peace.



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