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The Pracht Inn

A Film by: Tamar Yarom
(Israel, 2014, 91 min, Hebrew, Yiddish, English subtitles, Cast: Tzahi Grad,
Michaela Eshet, Yael Toker, Vladimir Fridman, Sigalitת Fuchs, Marina
Maximilian Blumin, Moshe Ferster, Uri Klauzner, Yaron Brovinsky).
An adaptation of Night after Night by Aharon Appelfeld.

* "Excellent performance by Michaela Eshet" (Yediot Haronot)
* "Magic and emotion in The Pracht Inn" (Habama)
* "A touching human experience" (Yediot Haronot)

In the 1960’s, a group of Holocaust survivors are living together in a hostel
in Jerusalem.  At night they meet in the corridor to drink cognac and play cards.
The inn is run by a Mrs. Pracht whose insistence on order and discipline and her
disdain for Yiddish enrages the residents. Manfred, one of the residents, leads a
quiet life until he meets a woman and forges a new relationship with her. 
However, an irrational atmosphere prevails and an extreme decision leads
to an inevitable end.

•  Haifa International Film Festival 2014
•  Isratim - Paris Israeli Film Festival 2015
•  Australia JFF 2015
•  Nancy JFF 2015
•  Atlanta JFF 2016
•  The Avalon Theater, DC  2016
•  Detroit JFF 2017
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