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The Policeman

A Film by: Ephraim Kishon
(Israel, 1971, 87 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Shaike Ophir, Zaharira Harifai, Gabi Amrani, Arieh Elias )

Azulai is a policeman in Jaffa, whose incompetence is only matched by his soft-heartedness. His superiors want to send him to early retirement, but he would like to stay on the force, and the criminals of Jaffa don't want to see him leave either...

This satirical film about the misadventures of an aging Tel Aviv policeman shows Ephraim Kishon once again confronting social dilemmas from the perspective of a good-hearted, beleaguered Israeli Everyman. On the eve of his retirement, frustrated beat cop Avram Azoulay (Shaike Ophir) encounters religious zealots, comes to the aid of a prostitute, and unwittingly solves a crime staged for his benefit.


•  Golden Globe Award - Best Foreign Language Film
•  The Israeli Academy Award 1972
•  Zagreb Jewish Film Festival
•  Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema 2019
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