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The Matchmaker

A Film by: Avi Nesher
(Israel, 2010, 118 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Adir Miller, Maya Dagan, Dror Keren, Dov Navon, Tuval Shafir, Neta Porat, Yarden Bar-Kochva, Bat-El Papura, Kobi Farag, Yael Leventhal, Tom Gal, Eyal Shechte, Eli Jaspan)

Arik, a teenager growing up in Haifa in 1968, lands a summer job working for Yankele Bride, a matchmaker. Yankeleh, a mysterious Holocaust survivor , has an office in the back of a movie theater in the seedy area of the city near the port.
The theater shows only love stories and is run by a family of seven Romanian dwarfs. Arik is introduced to a new world – built on the ruins of an old one.

While working with Yankeleh Arik begins to learn the mysteries of the human heart. At the same time he finds himself falling in love with Tamara who has just recently returned from America and is full of talk of women's rights, free love and rock 'n roll.

Avi Nesher’s latest film mixes comedy with drama as it tells a coming-of-age story unlike any you’ve ever seen before


 Nominated for 7 Ophir Awards (Israeli Oscar) 
 Adir Miller - Ophir Award - Best Actor 2010
 Maya Dagan - Ophir Award - Best Actress 2010
 Chicago International Film Festival - Silver Plaque
 Amakourou Award - Cinema Novo Film Festival, Belgium
 Official selection - Toronto International Film Festival 2010

 Festival do Rio de Janeiro 
 Chicago Int. Film Festival
 Toronto Jewish Film Festival
 UK Jewish Film Festival
 Palm Springs Film Festival
 Vancouver Israeli Dance Society
 Cinema Novo Festival
 BUFF film festival, Sweden
 Israeli Film Festival, Paris
 Geneva  Jewish Film Festival
 Filmisrael, Amsterdam
 Zlin Film Festival, Czech Rep.
 Vancouver Israeli Dance Society
 Israeli Film Week, Budapest 
 AICE - Australia
 Israel Film Festival Moscow 
 Venezuela  Jewish Film Festival, Caracas 
 Singapore Israeli Film Festival
 Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival
 Israeli Film Week, Minsk
  Israeli Film Week, Zagreb
 PKF Rome
 UK Jewish Film Festival
 Israeli Film Festival Tomsk Russia
 Israeli Film Festival Novosibirsk Russia
 Nice Israeli Film Festival
 Pitligiani Kolno'a Festival in Rome
 Barcelona JFF 2013
 Girona Museum of Jewish History 2013
 New Delhi Israeli FF 2013
 Centro Sefarad-Israel, Madri 2013 
• Marseille JFF 2013
• Dublin Jameson IFF 2014
• JW3 London 2016
• Festival of Tolarence FF 2017
• Saint George Bussy 2018
• Film Archive Austria 2019
• Reel of Borehamwood, UK 2019
•  Monterrey IFF 2019


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