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The Last Nazi Hunter

A Film by: Nitza Gonen
(Israel, 2013, 62 Minutes, Color, English, Hebrew, Hungarian, German, Serbian, English subtitles)

70 years after the Holocaust, an American-born Israeli citizen, Dr. Efraim Zuroff, ‎is tracking down surviving Nazi war criminals in hopes of bringing them to justice. ‎Zuroff's mission takes him all over Europe and even to South America as he ‎searches for  and locates two important criminals; Shandor Kapiro, a Hungarian officer ‎responsible for the murders of thousands of Jews, and Dutch Waffen SS ‎Klass Faber, who oversaw the killings at the Westerbork Camp.‎

THE LAST NAZI HUNTER is a race-against-the-clock, detective thriller that ‎deals with the continuing obstacles of War Criminal extraditions due to lack of ‎support by countries where anti-Semitism still exists. In the end, Zuroff has to ask himself:  Will attaining justice be worth the effort?


•  Int'l Festival of Detective Films, Moscow 2014
•  Krakow Film Festival 2014
•  Munich JFF 2015

• German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung

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