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The Ballad of the Weeping Spring

A Film by: Beni Torati 
(Israel, 2012, 105 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Uri Gavriel, Dudu Tassa, Nir Levy, Adar Gold, Ishtar, Yigal Adika)

Nominated for 9 Israeli Oscars (Ophir Awards) including Best Film 2012
Winner of 4 Israeli Oscars 2012

Twenty years ago Yosef Tawila and Avram Mufradi were tar musicians with The Turquoise Ensemble.

On the way to the premier of their composition The 
Weeping Springtime Symphony, a dreadful accident took place which killed two of the band members.
Tawila, his lover Margaret and Mufradi survived. However, Tawila, who had been behind the wheel, was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to several years in prison. Upon his release he moved to the north, opened an alehouse and longed for his former life

The story opens with the arrival of Amram, Avram Mufradi's son, who reports that his father is dying of lung cancer. He offers Tawila the musical notations for The Weeping Springtime Symphony. Tawila understands that his old friend wishes to hear the piece they both composed, before he leaves to meet his maker. Tawila comes to a decision, to journey to his past, to reunite the group of unique musicians, to grant the last wishes of his good friend and perhaps heal his own tortured soul.


• Winner of 4 Israeli Oscars (Ophir Awards) 2012: Best Original Music, Best Original Soundtrack, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design
 Nominated for 9 Israeli Oscars (Ophir Awards) including Best Film 2012
 Jerusalem International Film Festival 2012 - Winner of Best Music Award
 Sarasota International FF
• New York JFF
• Atlanta JFF
• East Bay JFF (Contra Costa JFF)
 North Miami Beach (Russel JCC)
 Michigan State University
 Santa Barbara Int'l FF
 Toronto JFF
 Westchester JFF - Burns Film Center
• Austin JFF
 Detroit JFF
 Montreal Sephardi JFF 
 Montreal Israeli FF
 NJ Israeli Film Series
• Milwaukee JFF
• Pittsburgh JFF
• Paris Israeli FF
 Sarasota International FF
• Winnipeg JFF 
 Dallas JFF
• Nashville JFF
 Israel Film Festival – LA
• Portland JFF 2013 
 Festival SERET - London 2013 
• Houston JFF 2013
• Brazil Israeli Film Festival 2013
• Shalom Europa FF - Strasbourg 2013
• Rochester NY JFF 2013
• Toulouse JFF 2013 
• Silicon Valley JFF 2013
• Marseille JFF 2013
• Denver Film Society 2013
• Omaha JFF 2013 - Winner of Best Film Award
 Palace Films Australia
 PKF Rome - Pitigliani Kolno'a Festival 2013
 Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema 2013
 Israeli Embassy - Italy 2013
 Cleveland JFF 2013
 Sonoma County JFF 2013
 Israeli Embassy - Sofia 2013
 Houston Cinema Arts Society 2013
 Rutgers JFF 2013
 Palm Beach JFF 2013
 Zagreb Israeli Film Festival 2013
 The Avalon, Washington DC 2013
 Greater Binghamton JFF 2013
 Copenhagen JFF 2014
 Athens GA JFF 2014
 Ithaca College 2014
 Boulder CO JFF 2014
 American University DC 2014
 Spokane WA JFF 2014
 New York Sephardic JFF 2014
 Milano PKF 2014
 Isratim - Paris JFF 2014
 Axelrod Performing Arts Center 2014
 Bethel, New Rochelle NY 2014
 Embassy of Israel in Washington DC
 NYU Library 2014
• Utopia Jewish Center 2014
• Wesleyan University Israeli Film Festival 2015

 Ventura County JFF 2015
• The Sephardic Temple of Cedarhurst, NY 2015
•  Baltimore JFF 2019


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