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Spring 1941

A Film by Uri Barabash
(Israel/Poland, 2008, 97 minutes, Color, English, Cast: Joseph Fiennes, Clare Higgins, Kelly Harrison, Neve McIntosh, Maria Pakulnis)

In 1971, world famous Cellist Clara Plank returns to her homeland of Poland for the first time. She is the guest of honor in a gala concert to be held in her home town. But the familiar sights and faces are so powerful that her mind wonders to that one spring, 30 years earlier, when that terrible war came to destroy her world.

Spring 1941 is the story of the young Clara, her husband, and two daughters, a Jewish family seeking shelter as Nazis storm Poland. They find a safe house in the farm of Emilia, their local grocer. After her husband was taken to fight for his country and never came back, Emilia is all alone in the big house.

Under the horrors of the war and the agony of death that surrounds them, an impossible love triangle erupts.
The fragile arrangement, made only in order to live, is tested again and again.

Will love be enough to keep them alive? Is it love or is it survival?


• Haifa International Film Festival 
 Vancouver Jewish Film Festival
 Tucson Jewish Film Festival
 Denver Jewish Film Festival
 David Posnack JCC, FL
 Grand Rapids Jewish Film Festival
 Jewish Public Library, Montreal
 Austin Jewish Film Festival
 Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival
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