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Sleeping with the Enemy + Behind Enemy Lines

Films by: Dov Gil-Har
(Israel, 2000-2004, 26+52 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles)

Sleeping with the Enemy - Israeli filmmaker Dov Gil-Har documents, in his first film, the initial acquaintance of Benny and Adnan on a joint peace mission to Japan during pre-Intifada days. While embracing the "Tokyo Spirit" of understanding the two vow to take home a message of peace. Soon after their return the second Intifada erupted.

Behind Enemy Lines - four years later, frustrated from years of brutal violence, Gil-Har reunites his two protagonists. In an emotional and dramatic quest through the milestones of the conflict, Benny and Adnan try to convince each other in their own truth. Jenin refugee camp, terror ridden Jerusalem, the disputed Temple Mount, and the family of a suicide bomber are only a few stations of their weeklong journey.

Benny is already a settler and heads a police commando unit who combats Palestinian militants. Adnan's cousin was killed while on a shooting rampage in the heart of Tel-Aviv. Despite the huge gap in their political perspectives the two former friends try to find ways to communicate and rebuild the lost trust. (2004, 52 minutes).


"Herness and Joulani are the personification of Israeli and Palestinian societies and attitudes, and thus the potential means for reconciliation between the two peoples". - The Jerusalem Report

"There is something to be admired about each man, no matter how you feel about their arguments. Both are passionate in their beliefs". - Jewish Sightseeing

"It's a futile endeavor, but 'Lines' suggests that in the end the men are more alike than different, even if they don't see it that way". - The Boston Globe


• Interfaith Award – St Louis International Film Festival
• Silver Phoenix – Warsaw Jewish Film Festival
• IDFA – Amsterdam International Film Festival 
• Brooklyn International Film Festival
• Kracow International Film Festival
• Portugal International Film Festival 
• Dallas International Film Festival
• Edmonton International Film Festival
• Leeds International Film Festival
• Czech International Film Festival
• Ourense International Film Festival
• Vancouver Human Rights International Film Festival
• Warsaw Human Rights International Film Festival
• East Lansing International Film Festival
• Arizona International Film Festival
• Tiburon International Film Festival
• Mt Shasta International Film Festival 
• Wine County International Film Festival
• San Francisco JFF
• Toronto JFF
• Boston JFF
• New York JFF 
• San Diego JFF
• Denver JFF
• Vancouver JFF 
• Montreal JFF
• Berlin JFF
• United Kingdom JFF 
• Washington DC JFF 
• Sao Paulo JFF
• Mexico City JFF
• Halifax JFF
• Calgary JFF
• Austin JFF
• Huston JFF
• Seattle JFF
• New Jersey JFF 
• Rochester JFF
• Orange County JFF
• PBS – USA 
• ZDF – Germany
• ORF – Austria
• Channel 2 – Israel

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