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She's Got It

A Film by: Yankul Goldwasser
(Israel, 2006, 90 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Dorit Bar Or, Yuval Segal, Yael Poliakov, Meir Suisa, Evelyn Kaplun) 

Malka Ohion, a seamstress,  leads workers in Mitzpe Ramon in a battle against management and the threat of a lay-off. 

Meanwhile, her sister Yafit, a teller in a local bank, falls in love with a security guard who works for a cash transport company. The guard takes advantage of Yafit's innocence by making her an accomplice in the robbery he is planning with his friend Weizman. 

When Malka learns of the plot, she engages her sister and Weizman's wife  in a counter-scheme. Malka and her cohorts try to deceive the would-be robbers, grab the bounty and embark on a new path.


• Stamford JCC 2008
 Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema 2008 
 San Diego Jewish Film Festival 2008
 Greensboro (North Carolina) Jewish Film Festival 2008
 Allentown Jewish Film Series, USA
 Philadelphia Israeli Film Festival 2008
 Houston Jewish Film Festival 2008
 Edmonton Jewish Film Festival 2008, Canada
 Pittsburgh Jewish Film Festival 2008
 Phoenix Jewish Film Festival 2008
 AICE Israeli Film Festival 2007, Australia
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