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A Film by: Boaz Davidson
(Israel, 1970, 80 Minutes, Black & white, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Arik Einstein, Uri Zohar, Ze'ev Revach, Israel Segal)

This feature serves as a vehicle for Israeli pop singer Arik Einstein to perform several songs with and by singer/songwriter Shalom Hanoch. 

A series of happenings that serves as neither a plot nor narrative, has Einstein playing basketball, witnessing a divorce, or banally talking about life and love. 

The production is geared to capitalize on less discriminating young people enamored of Einstein's vocal talent.

The film demonstrates fragments of life, a few funny sketches and musical numbers, much influenced by The Beatles'  flicks. Shablool reminds its viewers of the taste of the 60s, showing them the Israeli pop/rock scene of those jolly years.

Available for the USA and Canada only
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