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Riki Riki

A Film by: Eitan Anner
(Israel, 2004, 87 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Tal Fridman, Dalit Kahan, Gila Almagor, Nir (Niro) Levi, Michal Kahan)

Riki's life is turned upside down when a week before her wedding, the future husband tells her that he's cheating on her... This wild romantic comedy won Best Feature Film award at "The World Of Comedy International Film Festival, 2005", in Toronto.

Riki – an attractive yet confused 30-year-old art student seems to be sure
that her life is always under control, even when everything goes mad.

Riki expects her boyfriend, Asher, an unemployed actor, to pop up the question. Unfortunately, instead of a marriage proposal she is faced with Asher's confessions of infidelity. Riki decides to fight back by making him jealous. Max, Riki’s geek professor, who has a crush for her, is chosen for the job.

Riki’s plan succeeds and she is on her way to marry Asher, but in a surprising
last minute twist Riki has to evaluate her life choices again.


•  Dalit Kahan is funny and moving…an endearing comedy" ("Tel Aviv" Newspaper, Israel) 

•  Tal Friedman portrays Max…a loser that ends up winning and does it in a very touching manner" ("Yediot Aharonot" Newspaper, Israel)


•  The World Of Comedy International Film Festival, Toronto - Best Feature Film
•  Houston Jewish Film Festival
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