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Portrait of my Family in my 13th Year

Written and Directed by: Omri Dekel-Kadosh
Fiction + Documentary. 15:43 min. 2017, Color
Production: The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School - Jerusalem (JSFS)
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

Omri is trying to direct a scene recreating the day his dog died. The attempt at
restoration gets complicated when Omri discovers that his father remembers
the events differently.

Jerusalem Film Festival, 2017
The International Tel Aviv Student Film Festival, 2018
Film Student Meeting, San Sebastian, Spain, 2018
International Festival of Film schools Munich, Germany, 2018
Poitiers Film Festival, France, 2018
NYC Shorts Film Festival, New York, USA, 2018

* Vienna JFF 2019
*  Summer Shorts Film Festival, Chester County 2019
•  San Francisco JFF 2019


Best Live Action Short Film:  Jerusalem Film Festival, 2017
Screening fee:  $200.00

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