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Peeping Toms

A Film by Uri Zohar
(Israel, 1972, 90 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Arik Einstein ,Uri Zohar, Sima Eliyahu, Mona Silberstein, Tzvi Shissel, Mordechai Arnon)

This Israeli comedy affectionately follows an aging hippie as he goes about the business of day-to-day living. Beach-goers near Tel Aviv have many needs, and the hippie (Uri Zohar) serves as many of them as he can: cokes, chairs and boats being the main items of business. 

He also lends his seaside shack to his best friend for romantic assignations. What his friend doesn't know is that the hippie entrepreneur likes to watch the sexual goings-on from outside his bedroom. 

Despite his own distasteful activity, he righteously fends off peeping toms from the ladies' bathhouse. He is a hardy fellow, too, as a group of bodybuilders who get into a fight with him discover.

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