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Out of the Blue

A Film by: Igal Bursztyn
(Israel, 2008, 92 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Moshe Ivgy, Alon Aboutboul, Dorit Bar-Or, Zehavit Passi, Nir Levi and Liat Goren )

Out of the Blue is a comedy about abortive loves and a friendship which survives them. Shabtai, a junk peddler and Herzel, his aide, drive through the streets of Tel Aviv buying and selling used-up furniture and trash. Now and again Shabtai takes a nap and in his dreams a seductive and passionate red-haired woman makes love to him. One day Shabtai discovers her photograph in a face-cream advertisement and realizes the the woman of his dreams exists in reality. He sets out to fing her. But it is Herzel who first wins her attention and then her heart. Herzel, however, loves Batya, Shabtai's daughter..
Out of the Blue is an urban fairytale, an inverted Cinderella story. Instead of a poor kind hearted young girl – two elderly machos on a decrepit motorcycle; instead of a prince – a princess; instead of a shoe found at midnight – a shabby ping-pong table abandoned in a parking lot.


• Jerusalem Film Festival - Best Actor award for Alon Aboutboul's and Moshe Ivgy's team performance, 2008
 Israeli Academy Award "Ophir" for Best Music and nomination in 8 categories incl. Best Film, 2008
 World Film Festival Montreal 2008 
 Warsaw Film Festival 2008
 Festival Cinema Mediterraneen Montpellier 2008
 Israeli Film Festival NY 2008
 Israeli Film Festival Miami 2008
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