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Operation Grandma

A Film by: Dror Shaul
(Israel, 1999, 50 Minutes, Color, English subtitles, Cast: Rami Hoiberger, Ami Smolarchik, Einat Vitzman)

Mivtza Savta ("Operation Grandma") is a satirical comedy about the Israeli military and about kibbutz life.

The story revolves around three brothers: Alon (34), a no-nonsense army officer; Benny (30), a brilliant electrician; and Idan (22) a wimpy tour guide.  The story is told from Idan's point of view.

The three brothers want to bury their beloved grandmother in the kibbutz cemetery. Because Alon has a secret security operation set for that same day, they have to work on a tight schedule so he plans the burial like a military operation - hence the title.  A series of mistakes and mishaps complicate things with hilarious results.

Since winning the Israeli Academy Award in 1999, "Operation Grandma" has become one of Israel's biggest cult films.


• Israeli Academy Award 1999
 Reel Israel, Cleveland 2013
 Contemporary Jewish Museum - SF 2013
 Vancouver JCC 2015
•  Arizona State University 2019
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