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Nymphs in the Mist

A Film by: Yoram Sachs
(Israel, 2007, 81 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles)

After his girl friend Liat leaves him, Yaniv sinks into post-break-up depression.  Haunted by her, he stays in his bedroom and takes refuge in a marathon of romantic comedies.

His friend Yuda, tries endless ways to get him out of the house and eventually persuades him to "make a movie" as a guaranteed way to meet the best-looking babes in town.

In the meantime Yaniv meets Gali, a romanatic yoga teacher, who manages to loosen his ex's destructive power over him.

Yaniv and Yuda hold audtions and invite the most beautiful and talented actresses.  To his surprise Yaniv discovers that he is more interested in the movie than in the girls and decides he wants to tell about his breakup with Liat.

Liat's continued presence in his life leads to complications in his relationship with Gali.  When Yaniv decides that Gali would be perfect as the leading role in his movie, life and art become intertwined.  Now all that is left is for him to find a suitable ending!


• Cinema South Film Festival
 Pittsburgh Jewish Film Festival
 Vancouver Jewish Film Festival 
 Brattleboro Jewish Film Festival
 Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival
 Israeli Films in Eesti Vabariik
 Iseali Films in Bengaluru 



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