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Wounded Land/Israel 2015

A Film by: Erez Tadmor

Mr. Predictable/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Roee Florentin

Everything is Broken Up and Dances Israel/ 2015

A Film by: Nony Geffen

Photo Farage/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Koby Farage

A Heartbeat Away/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Tal Barda and Noam Pinchas

The Women's Balcony/ Israel, 2016

A Film by: Shlomit Nehama & Emil Ben Shimon

Cast Offs/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Vered Yeruham & Oren Reich

ENDTIME/ Israel, 2014

A Film by: Veronica Kedar

Home Port/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Erez Tadmor

Indoors/ Israel, 2016

A Film by: Eitan Green

Four By Four/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Shay Kanot

The Last Band in Lebanon/ Israel 2016


If and When/ Israel 2015

A Film by: Eran B.Y

Pepe's Last Battle/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Michael Alalo

The Ring's Journey/ Israel 2016

A Film by: Matti Harari & Arik Lubetzky

And Then She Arrived/ Israel 2017

A Film by: Roee Florentin

Siege/ Israel 1969

A Film by: Gilberto Tofano

To Be a Child Again/ Israel 2017

A Film by: Gabriel & Moy Volcovich

Tevye's Daughters/ Ukraine 2017

A Film by: Vladimir Lert

Late Summer Blues/Israel 1987

A Film by: Renen Schorr
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